Get Help from Professional Cleaning Services #2

Color-coding offers an easy way to differentiate which cleaning items are used for which surfaces and
different color rags and sponges for different rooms to ensure that you aren’t spreading bathroom germs
counters. This also offers a fun way to get children involved with small cleaning tasks by incorporating
their favorite


Get Help from Professional Cleaning Services

One of the best ways to keep your home clean and protected against germs is to call in help from
professional cleaners,
like MaidPro. The health and safety of our customers is top priority and we are taking extensive measures
to ensure that
we are providing the best clean possible while maintaining high safety standards.
All of our supplies are disinfected and freshly laundered before each clean and our MaidPro staff is
screened daily to
check for any symptoms of illness. Our MaidPro cleaning staff sanitizes before entering your home, stays
at least six
feet away from anyone in the home throughout the entire service, uses hospital-grade cleaning products on
surfaces and follows a specific cleaning route to ensure that they are cleaning and disinfecting from top
to bottom,
ending at the front door. All measures are put in place to ensure that you can feel safe throughout the
entire service.
Overall, residential cleaning is a powerful tool in preventing the spread of COVID-19, the flu and other
viruses. With
these tips, individuals can feel safer and more secure in their living spaces, knowing that they are
taking the
necessary precautions to help protect themselves and their families against harmful bacteria and germs.


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